LAESSE is a laboratory of handicraft ceramics.

Born from the creative passion of Stefania Vazzoler, that from beyond 10 years models and hand paints in his house in Oderzo, immersed in the countryside of Treviso.

Her journey began in the workshop of Luigi Cillo, an eclectic artist from which he learns to love and mold the material.

Metals, glass and enamels characterize its first phase of experimentation. The constant research formal leads the following approach to ceramics. Thus began, creating small dimensions pieces.

Plates, cups, bowls. Objects for everyday life, real living.  Essential and simple shapes with fine and soft colors.

In 2009 together with RMDESIGNSTUDIO started a new creative way and new collections.

The objects become light and thin. The forms become pure and essential. The surfaces become large and generous. Tones expand themselves, tell of earth, water and fire. Matter, form and color come together now in perfect balance.


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